Italian Travel and Random Thoughts

Italian Travel and Random Thoughts

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Italian Street Artists!

The thing about Italians is that they are all artists. Yes the buildings, the bridges, even the windows and doors are magnificent. I'm talking about the modern Italians that I have met. They take pride in their work and workmanship. If they are chefs then they are amazing chefs with one dish tasting better than the next. Even if the restaurant is a take out coffee shop! If they are brick layers, then each brick is painstakingly placed with care and precision. It may take ten minutes to figure out exactly which way the brick should be tapped into place but, in the end (which maybe a week later) the finished product is perfect. Even if it is only meant to be a storm drain! All you have to do is walk down any major street in #Florence #Italy and you will see art like no where else. This artist is drawing the famous Mona Lisa in chalk on a cobblestone street. At night, the street cleaners will erase every last chalk mark. They too are masters at their craft. The next morning this artist will begin a new painting just as succinctly as the day before. With clarity and patience he will create another masterpiece. All this for a payment of a few Euros to be tossed into an old cup. Belissima!

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