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Italian Travel and Random Thoughts

Italian Travel and Random Thoughts

Monday, October 14, 2013

In Other Words...

         I have an issue with words. Not all words, just those other words. You know, the words people say when they are trying to explain something that they think you don’t understand. It’s the sentence that begins with “in other words,…”. This saying makes my blood boil! I immediately have to wait for clarification of the meaning of the words that were previously stated. “In other words” instantly follows without regard to whether or not I have comprehended the original words or not. What was wrong with the first words? Having survived on the planet for over fifty years I feel entirely put off when someone uses “in other words” to describe something. I fully understood the meaning immediately. I “got it” with the first words. I didn’t need the other words. And what are the other words anyway? Do they really create a better understanding of the topic at hand? If they do, then why bother with the first words? Just go directly to those other words right off the bat?
Sometimes I think people use those other words because it’s a habit. In other words like when people say like after every other word. Like I was going to the store so I like bought some juice because I was like thirsty. Why do they have to say like? It is what it is. Isn’t it? It’s not like anything. It is just that thing. Whatever that thing is.  I can understand if they like something. “I like this food.” Or “I like this dress”. I’ve even heard people say “Like I like that sooo much.” What? What does that mean?? In other words, I like don’t get it.
Another linguistic issue that I have is when people go instead of say. Specifically, when a person is telling another person about a conversation. “So he goes, Wanna go out? And she goes, no I wanna stay home. So he goes how about a movie?” You see where I’m going here? I’m not going anywhere. I’m just saying. She’s saying and he’s saying. If he was going or she was going then there should a destination at the end of the sentence. Sometimes when I’m going somewhere I’m also saying something. This is not the same as when I’m just going. If I say I have to go it usually means a trip to the closest bathroom.
     This leads me to something else that truly baffles me. How is it that some people don’t know whether they’re coming or going? Just saying…

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Hilary said...

Haha... It's true... Too many people want to clarify things that you already know or understand... :)